Toy Review: Evolved Grand Beaded Butterfly Vibe

Hello, My Beauties I hope that everybody has stayed as safe as possible during these really trying times. I have been away because I live in California and we have been through a roller coaster of emotions up in here, so I am currently tucked away in quarantine trying to go out as little as … Continue reading Toy Review: Evolved Grand Beaded Butterfly Vibe

Toy Review: Rock Candy Jelly Bean

Hello hello babes! First off I want to give a giant thank you to the awesome people at Rock Candy for sending me some goodies to play with. I was fangirling super hard when the box came in that I forgot to do an unboxing video. I was struggling on whether to make one review … Continue reading Toy Review: Rock Candy Jelly Bean

Toy Review: We-Vibe Nova

Hello Hello, beauties! Today I wanted to review a toy that completely blew my expectations, the We-Vibe Nova! First, a little storytime to set the stage I remember watching this toy sit on the shelf for soo long at my old store. I saw people pick up Tango’s like they were a limited release item, … Continue reading Toy Review: We-Vibe Nova

Toy Review: SVAKOM Nymph

Today I wanted to talk about a toy I got at AVN in Vegas this year. ( Full disclosure I totally paid for this toy because your girl is nowhere cool enough to get toys to review for free….yet I mean a girl can dream right?) Anyway back to it, the toy we will be … Continue reading Toy Review: SVAKOM Nymph

JimmyJane Love Pods: Halo Toy Review

I’m a girl who loves a good, strong cliteral vibe. I’m also a girl who’s hella bougie about my sex toys. Maybe it’s from working at a sex shop for several years or maybe it’s the result of going to close to fifty product trainings. Regardless, when I was introduced to Jimmy Jane’s Love Pods … Continue reading JimmyJane Love Pods: Halo Toy Review

Love Button (by Evolved) Vibrator Review

  I’ve been a little skeptical of  Evolved Novelties for a cool minute, none of their toys have a deep enough rumble for me. But they’ve expanded their lineup sooo much in such a short amount of time and some of the new pieces looked soo cool.I remember when I first dived into the world … Continue reading Love Button (by Evolved) Vibrator Review

Ballin On A Budget: External Vibes

One of the most frustrating things I’ve heard from my customers is that they want high quality functions within their budget. And unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find luxury toy quality with a college student price range. So what do most people end up doing? Going for something cheap that breaks a couple of weeks … Continue reading Ballin On A Budget: External Vibes

Review: Adam & Eve’s Tantalizer Clit Suction Massager

Let’s say you’ve had a rough day. You’re tired it’s 3 am and you just want to get to sleep, it doesn’t help that your house is in the high 80’s despite the buzzing of a swamp cooler. So you say to yourself  “You know what puts me to sleep real quick? A good orgasm.” … Continue reading Review: Adam & Eve’s Tantalizer Clit Suction Massager