Let’s Taste The Lube Rainbow

Welcome to my next entry in the lube Saga.  I got some great feedback on my post about lubricants for people's sensitivities which made my day and week. So I wanted to talk to you all about the beautiful world of flavored lubes. Flavored lube is one of my favorite things ever! There have been … Continue reading Let’s Taste The Lube Rainbow

Let’s Talk About Lube Baby

One of my biggest pet peeves working in a sex shop was hearing people say, "Oh, I'm already soo wet I don't need that stuff," or " I'm young; that stuff's for old people.” First, of Ewww, keep that toxic ageist crap to yourself. Lube is great! Lube keeps the party going all night long. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Lube Baby

Toy Review: Evolved Grand Beaded Butterfly Vibe

Hello, My Beauties I hope that everybody has stayed as safe as possible during these really trying times. I have been away because I live in California and we have been through a roller coaster of emotions up in here, so I am currently tucked away in quarantine trying to go out as little as … Continue reading Toy Review: Evolved Grand Beaded Butterfly Vibe

Toy Review: Rock Candy Lala Pop

Good Hello, Loves! We’re officially in Christmas and New Year countdown mode and I am knee-deep in tinsel and gift shopping while my blood is basically peppermint mocha at this point. And in all the holiday fervor ya girl has to find a way to wind down at the end of the day, what pray … Continue reading Toy Review: Rock Candy Lala Pop

Toy Review: We-Vibe Nova

Hello Hello, beauties! Today I wanted to review a toy that completely blew my expectations, the We-Vibe Nova! First, a little storytime to set the stage I remember watching this toy sit on the shelf for soo long at my old store. I saw people pick up Tango’s like they were a limited release item, … Continue reading Toy Review: We-Vibe Nova

Toy Review: SVAKOM Nymph

Today I wanted to talk about a toy I got at AVN in Vegas this year. ( Full disclosure I totally paid for this toy because your girl is nowhere cool enough to get toys to review for free….yet I mean a girl can dream right?) Anyway back to it, the toy we will be … Continue reading Toy Review: SVAKOM Nymph

JimmyJane Love Pods: Halo Toy Review

I’m a girl who loves a good, strong cliteral vibe. I’m also a girl who’s hella bougie about my sex toys. Maybe it’s from working at a sex shop for several years or maybe it’s the result of going to close to fifty product trainings. Regardless, when I was introduced to Jimmy Jane’s Love Pods … Continue reading JimmyJane Love Pods: Halo Toy Review

Review: Adam & Eve’s Tantalizer Clit Suction Massager

Let’s say you’ve had a rough day. You’re tired it’s 3 am and you just want to get to sleep, it doesn’t help that your house is in the high 80’s despite the buzzing of a swamp cooler. So you say to yourself  “You know what puts me to sleep real quick? A good orgasm.” … Continue reading Review: Adam & Eve’s Tantalizer Clit Suction Massager