Let’s Taste The Lube Rainbow

Welcome to my next entry in the lube Saga. 

I got some great feedback on my post about lubricants for people’s sensitivities which made my day and week. So I wanted to talk to you all about the beautiful world of flavored lubes. Flavored lube is one of my favorite things ever!

There have been so many advancements in the market of flavored lubricants! Flavored lubes can make a blow job unbelievable. It can be used all of your body on all of your sex toys. It’s just a magnificent creation by the sex gods. Finding an excellent flavored lube is a harrowing journey that can be super intimidating to those who don’t know where to start. There is a massive difference between a flavored lube that will rock your world and some gunky nasty sweet crap that will give you a yeast infection. 

I’m going to give you a couple of pointers to guide you on your journey, as well as shout out my top three favorite companies that make the most fantastic flavor lubes imaginable. You’ll see companies that you’ve seen numerous times throughout my post, but it’s for a reason, and that reason is that they rock.


 As previously stated, all flavored lubricants will be water-based, meaning they are safe with all of your toy materials and all of your body parts. There is no flavored silicone lubricant. The silicone taints that flavor, and it will be the most disgusting thing you have ever tasted. So all of your water-based lubricants will be all of your flavor lubricants will be water-based.


I would recommend that you aim for a flavored lubricant that doesn’t use a lot of glycerin. It’s a stabilizer, so you’ll find it in almost all lubricants, but some use heavier components, compromising the flavor. You’ll discover glycerin in almost all lubricants because it is a humectant, meaning that it helps retain the moisture in said lubricant. The amounts of Glycerin in lubricants vary depending on the brand, and for people who are not very prone to yeast infections, it might not be harmful, but I like to err on the side of caution. Glycerin can promote possible bacterial vaginosis. I will leave a link for a couple of studies on it. So if you’re looking for a flavored lubricant, but you tend to have a susceptible body, I would suggest looking for something sweetened with sucralose or Stevia. 


Flavored lubricant is the best alternative to using Dairy sweeteners like ice cream and whipped cream on your body, leading to yeast infections and possibly bacterial vaginosis. Keep that whipped cream on that ice cream and keep that ice cream in a bowl or cone. Aside from flavored lubes, there’s a ton of body toppings and stimulants specially designed for sexual intercourse that tastes super yummy and gives you a tingling sensation that is so much better than the nasty sticky feeling you will get from that melted ice cream. Plus, who wants sticky ice cream residue in their pubes? Ewwww.


The viscosity of your lubricant matters. If you are not aware of what viscosity is, you’re about to receive some Vital Information. Viscosity is the state of being thick, sticky, and semifluid inconsistency. One of my best friends turned me on to the importance of viscosity and lubricants while having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, and she had a horrendous experience with their cheese curds. I thought she was just a bougie bitch, but goddamnit, she was right. Viscosity is super important. If your lube is tacky and sticky, it won’t feel good on your body. You want something that’s slicker and isn’t going to feel like candy syrup.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to stack up on flavors. Create a flavor profile on your body. The three lubricant companies that I will recommend to you have unique flavors that complement others in their lineup. Make yourself a charcuterie Board of flavors. In particular, one company has a warming lubricant that you can combine with any of their flavors to create a super unique Sensation that I recommend highly to everyone.

 And now on to my top three recommendations for lubricant flavors. 

I have been a fangirl of System JO for YEARS. However, their classic flavors were a little hit and miss with me, but hey, we all have preferences. When I saw they discontinued the JO H2O Flavored – Mint, I was heartbroken because it was and still might be one of my absolute favorite flavors of all time! The tingle and taste were a combination I’m always looking for. 

So when I saw they were releasing a more luxurious line, I was a little apprehensive but excited nonetheless. System JO came through in a BIG WAY!

System Jo has a flavored lubricant line aimed at more decadent flavors called Gelato, and they will rock your freaking world. This lube is sweetened with sucralose and eliminates that nasty Luby taste. They do have their original flavors as well as their gelatos, but the gelatos are my favorite. They recently introduced a white chocolate raspberry which is toe-curling, but from the lineup, I would say that the crème brûlée and the hazelnut espresso are my go-to‘s. It’s like having your Starbucks fix and a side of flan. Aside from the phenomenal taste, the Gelato lineup has created each flavor around a base that is sugar, paraben, and propylene glycol free! And it’s pH balanced!

System Jo has a vast lineup of super tasty products that you can use as body topping or stimulants. Combined with the delicious flavors from their lubricant just gives you endless possibilities of taste and Sensations that you can play with. 

If you’re looking for a clitoral stimulant System, Jo has a Sweet Berry Heat and a Jo Mint chip chill that have wonderful Flavors and alternating Sensations that you can use along with your flavored lubricants. 

System Jo’s Oral Delight arousal gels are water-based flavored stimulants that use a blend of menthol, which gives a tingling/cooling sensation making foreplay and oral activities so much more fun. It isn’t droopy or runny but a thick gel that has a cool sweet flavor. I would suggest this as a fun element for foreplay. My favorite of the lineup is the vanilla, for sure. What’s fantastic about this is that it is L-Arginine and Paraben free!

Wicked has some phenomenal flavors that you just have to try out. When I first got into the industry, their mocha was infamous in my store, and it’s still super yummy. Wicked’s design is sleek and sexy. The all-black bottles with the easy-to-use pump make this a release leak statement that you can have on your dresser or bathroom. Their cinnamon bun flavor is like having a Cinnabon roll that you can combine with their mocha Java for the ultimate sexy breakfast topping. If you’re more into classic flavors, you can’t go wrong with their vanilla bean. It’s got just the right amount of sweetness without steering into the sickly sweet territory. The same can be said for their sweet caramel and their candy apple. But they step their game up a couple of years ago when they introduced the pink lemonade and the Sweet Peach. 

You would think that the strawberry lemonade would be kind of tart, but it is so refreshing. It’s a great flavor if you’re not into a traditionally sweet taste. I was shocked that we could not keep the stuff on the shelves. But hands down, their sweet peach flavor is just an unbeatable one. I still haven’t found a peach flavor that I like as much as wicked. You can mix this with the sweet caramel to make a peach cobbler flavor. There are so many combinations that you can have fun with without any of that gunky, tacky sensation that you’ll find in cheaper lubricants. 

But certainly not least intimate Earth has had my heart for many years. Their lubricants are this unique natural flavor that keeps all the sweetness that you’re looking for in a tasty Lube but also feels like you’re still doing good for your body. The graphic only features a couple of their unique flavors, but it’s a brand that I would highly suggest everyone check out. They do have a chocolate mint which is super close to what I was looking for in a mint lubricant with a little bit of that dark chocolate flavor that is super yummy for a blowjob or any oral activity. The stand out of Intimate Earth’s lineup for sure is their Melt lubricant. This light-warming cinnamon-infused lubricant mimics the natural secretion that you can combine with any of the other flavors to create a warming, flavorful palette. An enjoyable combination is their Fresh Strawberry and their Melt; it makes a yummy warming strawberry flavor reminiscent of a strawberry flavor they had when they were Intimate Organics before the rebrand. Speaking of their strawberry lubricant, it is an excellent option if you’re looking for something that tastes like strawberries. This does not taste like strawberry syrup but like natural strawberries. So it has a tiny bit of that tartness along with that sweetness that you’ll find in a natural strawberry flavor. 

Plus, their lubes are infused with natural extract, so if you want something that’s more natural-based and tastes more like the real thing, then intimate earth has got you covered. They have a mint chocolate chip that I think of dreams and a salted Carmel-like breakfast in bed after hot sex.

There are so many possibilities that you can dream up in the world of flavored lube. This is such a fun way to introduce something new into the bedroom. The beauty of these water-based lubricants is that you can use them with all of your toy materials and all of your body parts. If you’ve never used a flavored lube, pick up a couple of flavors and have some fun. Believe me. You’ll be running to try out new ones in no time. If you have any favorites that I did not mention that you think that I should try out, let me know. I will be making a video all about these wonderful lubes soon. In the meantime, remember that Feeling Sexy Is A Birthright, and I will see you all in the next one.

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