Let’s Taste The Lube Rainbow

Welcome to my next entry in the lube Saga.  I got some great feedback on my post about lubricants for people’s sensitivities which made my day and week. So I wanted to talk to you all about the beautiful world of flavored lubes. Flavored lube is one of my favorite things ever! There have beenContinue reading “Let’s Taste The Lube Rainbow”

Let’s Talk About Lube Baby

One of my biggest pet peeves working in a sex shop was hearing people say, “Oh, I’m already soo wet I don’t need that stuff,” or ” I’m young; that stuff’s for old people.” First, of Ewww, keep that toxic ageist crap to yourself. Lube is great! Lube keeps the party going all night long.Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Lube Baby”

Top 5 Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin

If you have a very sensitive pH, a water-based lubricant will be your best friend. But it can be terrifying because if you’ve never used a lubricant and you’re very sensitive, you may be afraid that something will cause irritation, which is not sexy or comfy. For example, I am very sensitive, which I foundContinue reading “Top 5 Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin”