Toy Review: Evolved Grand Beaded Butterfly Vibe

Hello, My Beauties I hope that everybody has stayed as safe as possible during these really trying times. I have been away because I live in California and we have been through a roller coaster of emotions up in here, so I am currently tucked away in quarantine trying to go out as little as possible, and always wearing a mask.

Now, on to the fun stuff! I’ve always stuck true to the statement that if a toy has too many bells and whistles, it’s a lot more likely to break down and it’s probably got a weak-ass vibration. Well, while there is truth to every statement, there is also an outlier and I think that I found mine. This toy has a ton of bells and whistles; we’re talking rotating beads, butterflies, vibe rotation, there’s a lot going on in this toy. It’s also a minty color which is rad because it breaks that color streak we see so much of. I love that a lot of companies are coming up with these new funky colors because sometimes you’re not feeling like a pink or purple toy.

I will be diving deep into all of the amazing features of the Evolved Grand Beaded Butterfly Vibe. This is a great step in the right direction for Evolved. For a long time they’ve been moving towards much nicer, luxury-like toys and they consistently have good price points for beginners.

Because this toy has so many features, I’m going to be describing each of them section by section. We’re going to be starting off with my favorite feature, that wonderful Butterfly! The Butterfly is super adjustable so that different body types can find what works best for them. It also has a really extensive range of intensities since sometimes you’re not in the mood for a strong, clit-focused kind of night, and other times all you want is high intensity. While this toy is not jackhammer strong, the butterfly wings are really great for stimulating the outer labia which heightens its intensity. Another great feature is that the vibration doesn’t just concentrate in the center, it also resonates with the tips of the butterfly wings and vibrates up at the antennas. Just a super fun vibrating butterfly!

At first glance, this toy can seem kind of intimidating because it’s got three different buttons. The button controls the beads, the middle controls the vibration intensities and the bottom button is the off/on button. It may sound a bit terminator like (I’ve been told by my amazing editor lol) but that’s only because it has eight different speeds and functions. The motors can also be controlled separately or together.

Next, we’re moving on to the shaft of the toy. The length of the toy itself is pretty average so if you’re not looking for something that isn’t too large this may be right up your alley “pun intended”. In total this toy is about 9.25 inches long, with the shaft making up about 5 1/2 to 6 inches. It is rigid so don’t expect any flexibility coming from this toy, but that’s because it has pleasure beads on tracks. I have always been a little skeptical about beads, especially on something like the classic Jackrabbit where they’re rotating, because if you have strong pelvic muscles you’re going to stop those beads and it might burn out the engine. So for the average person who likes the feel of beads, it’s a good choice, for other’s I wouldn’t recommend it. The power beads are embedded into the shaft of the toy and have three different speeds; your standard up and down motion, followed by a more intense pattern, and then a very fast up and down motion.

Ultimately, I think the biggest selling point for this toy is how customizable it is. It stimulates different parts of your body without losing intensity in others. My favorite is that the vibration is pretty uniform across the toy which is a huge improvement in dual stimulating toys. Usually, one part of a toy has a much stronger motor than another part, but the Beaded Butterfly Vibe doesn’t have that problem. You can adjust the velocity at which the beads, the vibration pattern of the shaft and the intensity of the vibrating butterfly. Whatever mood you’re in, this toy will give you endless possibilities.Well, maybe not endless, but you do have a total of 75 combinations that you can play with so you can find whatever pleases you most.

Some General facts for your benefit from Evolved’s site:
Made from “luxuriously” smooth silicone
Handle made from ABS plastic with a silky coating
Two separate motors for shaft & clitoral stimulation
8 vibrating functions in each motor
3 Bead speeds
Over 75 different function combinations
Easy to use 3-button control
Completely waterproof & submersible
Fully rechargeable, USB cable included

Length: 9.25 in.
Width: 3 in.

No toy is without room for improvements and this toy is no different. One thing that I will continue to state over and over again is that I think that with these higher-priced toys should really shift their focus towards magnet charging. The Grand Butterfly has a USB cable charger that comes included and it has one of those needlepoint chargers that inserts in an indented circle in the back, right below the Evolved logo. They are marketed as being fully waterproof but because they are not magnet charged they can’t fully seal, there’s always the possibility of water getting into that motor and killing your toy. These chargers have a really bad habit of bending and snapping at the end. I interacted with a customer once who said that it had bent and broken inside of the toy. The good thing is that Evolved has a great 5-year warranty as long as you have a copy of your receipt and the toy, obviously. You fill out a form online and send them the toy, at your own cost, along with proof of purchase. Another thing that kind of bothers me is this very elusive “luxuriously smooth silicone” label. I’ve heard contradicting things from the sales reps. Some state that they use food-grade silicone, which is not bad, while others stick to the “luxuriously smooth silicone” story. I think that for this price point, they can absolutely upgrade to medical-grade silicone. Fun Factory has vibrating toys, and all of their silicone toys are made with medical-grade silicone and are around the same price.

When I tested it out I used System Jo’s Volt clitoral stimulant. If you apply just a little bit and let it sit on the skin for a couple of minutes, you can get a full vibrating tingling effect. A clitoral stimulant works great when paired with a toy like the Grand Butterfly.

Once all the fun is done make sure that you clean your toy to prolong the life of it. Don’t go for soap and water! Toy cleaners really are not that expensive. As with all of your silicone toys, make sure that you only use a water based lubricant. With this toy, I used Intimate Earth’s H2O it’s a clean, simple water-based lubricant. I also really love System Jo’s Foam Refresh, or Intimate Earth Tea Tree Oil-Infused Foaming Toy Cleaner, if you want something that’s more natural based. Evolved also has a foam cleaner that’s very budget-friendly, so you have a ton of options to go with. Whatever you choose, cleaners are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal so be on the safe side. Considering the world we’re living in now you don’t want to skip out on a decent toy cleaner.

I love all of your faces so make sure that you stay safe! Show your toys some love since we’re all stuck at home, and they will show you love back. Make sure that you check out my social media links, I’ll put them at the bottom of this review. Show my YouTube page some love as well. I’m growing that channel, and I’m really excited to share new content with you all. There’s also a Facebook page, and as always, I am on Tumblr and Instagram all the time! So hit me up and let me know what you want me to review next!







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