Toy Review: Rock Candy Lala Pop

Good Hello, Loves!

We’re officially in Christmas and New Year countdown mode and I am knee-deep in tinsel and gift shopping while my blood is basically peppermint mocha at this point. And in all the holiday fervor ya girl has to find a way to wind down at the end of the day, what pray tell you may be wondering is my go-to? The second of my Rock Candy toys that I’ll be reviewing. So buckle in and let me tell you about the amazingness that is Rock Candy’s Fun Size Lala Pop.

Just like the Jelly Bean Curved Bullet, this bad boy is also wrapped in a cute Candyland packaging that screams Mika’s Lollipop.

The fun size collection is such a great idea because it has all the great features of the full-size toys with the added perk that they’re small and travel-friendly so you can take the whole collection with you and not have to just choose one. What’s even better is that you don’t get cheaper quality just because it’s a miniature version, all three of the toys I was sent have a good punch behind them, but I will say that the Lala Pop was my favorite of the bunch. I love the lollipop shape because it has such versatile use and you have a lot more control over how you use the toy because of the handle, so it’s great for nipple play obviously for clitoral use but you can also use it for caressing the shaft or placing it on your neck for mind-blowing oral.

*This toy is NOT intended for internal use or for anal play because of the lack of of a flared base that can result in it getting it lodged inside your body so keep the naughty play to the outside. I can find of way more fun places to be over the holidays than the emergency room.

The Lala Pop has a 4-function motor with 3 speeds and 1 pulse pattern so you can mix it up and try different variations for enticing your senses. I love the smooth ABS plastic body, however, I wish they would switch the PU (Polyurethane) material on the head of the toy for a body-safe or medical grade silicone. It would undoubtedly raise the price, but your toy will last longer. It’s still nice and smooth, but I think it would make the toy even better.

The Lala Pop uses 4 LR44 batteries which are included with your toy!!! Just make sure you remove the cover protecting your batteries before playtime and use a nice toy cleaner like System Jo’s REFRESH Toy Cleaner.

Just like the Jelly Bean, I would absolutely recommend this toy for first-time toy buyers and aficionados alike. It’s budget-friendly and super cute plus you have 3 great colors to choose from. The Lala Pop just like all other Rock Candy make great stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts. The packaging is super non-threatening and won’t embarrass you if they accidentally slip out of your bag while at your parents for the holidays. What’s even better my beautiful babes is that you can get 10% off your purchase at by using the promo code SEXTOYNERD so make sure you get for yourself and the naughty elf in your life.

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