Toy Review: We-Vibe Nova

Hello Hello, beauties!

Today I wanted to review a toy that completely blew my expectations, the We-Vibe Nova! First, a little storytime to set the stage

I remember watching this toy sit on the shelf for soo long at my old store. I saw people pick up Tango’s like they were a limited release item, We-Vibe Touch were flying off the shelf and of course that amazing We-Vibe Sync (the new model because the old models were ugggghhhh just yeah let’s not get into it). The Nova honestly never piqued my interest because of how sharp that curvature was, I couldn’t image it would be very comfortable, then one day a customer came in to do a return on a LELO INA Wave because the shaft of the toy wouldn’t wave the way it was supposed to and she had bought it the day before!!! That sucked and really surprised me because LELO is crazy good at producing their toys, we rarely ever had customers coming in to return LELO toys. So when this person came in super upset because we’d sold her on this very expensive ($199) fancy toy that turned out to be defective I made it my goal to rectify the situation. We looked at a couple of different brands and decided that she liked the rigidness of the INA and wanted G spot stimulation so we settled on the NOVA. 

That experience piqued my interest as well because I always want to be able to provide more personal testimony about a product rather than just recite facts. It was fairly reasonably priced at $149 so I wasn’t really hesitant about purchasing. Especially for a toy that has the ability to be App controlled as well as being water submersible and rechargeable.

Ooooh, buddy, this toy took some adjusting to get started. I wanted to get myself nice and relaxed because I always like to be as aroused as possible when trying out dual stimulators and it’s a good thing I did because the only reason I was able to even get going with this toy is that the clitoral vibe is flexible and adjustable so I was able to move it to the side to slide the toy in. The clitoral part of the vibe doesn’t sit very comfortably at first because of how high up it is in the toy. This has its reason though. But where there’s a will there’s a way! The center button of the Nova’s lets you control the various vibration patterns and speeds so you can control the internal arm, the external arm, or both at once.  Really enjoyed how intense those vibrations were, but jeez that shape really takes some shimming and adjusting, I’m sure that some people can get it right away, but ya girl needed some practice. However, once I got the hang of it I liked how I was able to get a nice thrusting or rocking motion while still getting some great clitoral stimulation. Another great feature is that if it got too intense and I wanted to last a little long I could adjust that arm and get some nice labia stimulation as well. Cuz I mean sometimes you just want to go for a little longer. 

I will be 100% honest I did not use the app, I’m aware of the app and it’s super fun to play with when using my Sync, but I like to be in the moment and engaged especially when I’m using a dual stimulating toy. I could barely get a groove going with just myself at first so I wasn’t about to try the app on top of that. Maybe I’ll try it out if I get a partner involved, but no promises cuz I’m kind of in love using my toys all by myself selfish self. 

Even with the learning curve, I would still say that the We-Vibe Nova is a win in my book. You have a unique design compared to most dual stimulating vibes that are on the market, with that signature rumbly deep vibe we’ve all come to love from We-Vibe. This toy is especially great if you are more experienced maneuvering yourself with toys, but beginners should be open to purchasing the Nova and exploring those customizable vibrations with the app. 

Some tech features that make this toy are a win are the charger and warranty. The Nova has a magnetic charger! Yaaay! Charge for 90 minutes for up to 2 hours of pleasure. This is what makes your toy extra water submersible perfect for play in the tub. Warranty wise you’re looking at 1 to 2 years if you have a mechanical issue just make sure you save your receipt/proof of purchase. All warranty information can be found here.

The We-Vibe Nova is body-safe silicone — free from phthalates, latex, and BPA so only water-based lubricants you actually get a sample size of pjur’s awesome water-based lube. 

You can buy a We-Vibe Nova at any of these sites


We-Vibe Site

Pleasure Chest
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