Toy Review: SVAKOM Nymph

Today I wanted to talk about a toy I got at AVN in Vegas this year. ( Full disclosure I totally paid for this toy because your girl is nowhere cool enough to get toys to review for free….yet I mean a girl can dream right?) Anyway back to it, the toy we will be reviewing today is SVAKOM Nymph. This toy is super to look at right off the bat. I love the baby pink color and the shape is very unique. It has a bulbous top and four legs that rotate.

This toy brought me back to my first days working in an adult boutique in that I unboxed this puppy took a look at it and had no idea what to do with it. Do I insert the bulbous part in my body? Would it fit? Is that a good idea? This toy is designed for multiple forms of stimulation and so you can truly just go wild and try it out all over the place…well maybe I do not suggest putting this in the booty, but definitely yes for perennial or testicular stimulation.

I am going to be 100% honest with everyone because I was a salesperson and if I wanted to boy could I sell this toy. Any toy that has a ton of bells and whistles is easy to sell to people, all you have to do is push all the buttons and go have them touch the toy for the most part first time buyers can’t tell the difference in the styles of depth of a vibration, that’s usually something that comes with having experienced different toys. This toy doesn’t need much to sell because of how cool it looks at first glance. The material feels rad, it’s soft body-safe silicone so it’s meant to be nice and silky.

The vibration is also fairly decent, at first, it may feel a little buzzy, but it has several different intensities so you have some room to find something that you like. I will be totally honest however and say that If you’re a fan of intense vibrations like a We-Vibe Tango or an Evolved Pretty in Pink you might not immediately love this toy.

BUT you’d also be missing out on a ton of possible fun. I wasn’t ready to just give up on this toy, and like the sales rep from Womanizer once told me “Try it out 4-5 different times on different days across a month, your body and headspace aren’t always in the same place.” As she was soooo right because we aren’t always hella sensitive in the same places all the time or we might be going through something stressful cuz that affect our libido right? Anywho I found some amazing places to use this toy, those tentacular dudes? Amazing for nipple and perennial stimulation add some nip-zip from Sensuva and Ooooh boy this is an amazing companion toy for a self thruster.

Big selling point? Insanely quiet motor, even with the moving parts this toy is way quieter than other toys with similar features. The Nymph has 3 modes for those “grasping fingers” (I totally would have called them tentacles because for some reason calling them fingers weirds me out, but that could just be me.) The rounded head has 5 different modes with 5 different levels of intensities, it offers 25 different vibrations.

The website says that the rounded head “allows for exploration within the vagina as well as external stimulation.” The rounded head definitely holds most of the vibration in the toy which is a shame because those moving parts could have been even better with some intense vibration. The rounded head is perfect if you aren’t in the market for a long toy. I was able to get almost the entire toy in my body I wouldn’t advise this however because I had to grip the legs to pull it out, which was scary for half a second.

You are also covered with a 100% covered 60 days no-risk money-back guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. There’s a small card with a code you need to register your toy online. I bought my toy in cash and didn’t receive a receipt, which is a big no-no, but it was the last day of AVN so I’m giving them a pass because of that, but always make sure you take a picture of your receipt and save it on your computer, drive, icloud, etc.

This toy is also rechargeable and waterproof, but because it uses a thin pin charger so don’t go too crazy with the water exposure, shower and tub play should be just fine.

Some Pro’s
1.Design is great for gentle nipple, clitoral or perennial and testicular stimulation
2.Charge lasts about 1.5 hours continuously
3.Good vibration variety
4.You can turn off the vibration, but keep the legs moving
5.1-year warranty

Some Con’s
1.Vibration is a little buzzy
2.Clean up can be tricky because of grooves
3.Vibration is a lot lighter in the legs than it is in the head.
4.The product description says that there are multiple settings for the legs, but I kept pushing and they only move in one direction.

I honestly can’t come up with many cons for this toy because overall it’s pretty cool, it may look pretty complicated at first glance, but it’s really not. In this toy, you have an awesome companion toy. You can pair this with a great internal whether it be a strong vibrator or a thruster while using either side of this toy for some great external stimulation.
I paired this toy with Fun Factory’s Big Boss and System Jo’s Agape water-based lube and Sensuva’s On ICE gel. Clean up was pretty simple, I pumped some Intimate Earth Tea Tree Oil infused foam toy cleaner and rubbed it into all the nooks and crannies let it sit some a couple of seconds and rinsed it off.
You can purchase this toy at the following locations, 1,2,3.
I’m really happy with this product and am super excited to try the rest of their line, overall this toy gets a 7/10.

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