JimmyJane Love Pods: Halo Toy Review

I’m a girl who loves a good, strong cliteral vibe. I’m also a girl who’s hella bougie about my sex toys. Maybe it’s from working at a sex shop for several years or maybe it’s the result of going to close to fifty product trainings. Regardless, when I was introduced to Jimmy Jane’s Love Pods I was intrigued. The shapes weren’t the typical cylindrical shapes you see around. Instead what I saw were soft round silicone vibes with some substantial weight behind them. I was also excited because although Jimmy Jane leaves a lot to be desired, when it comes to the internal vibe department they hit it out of the park with the Form 2. My goodness, the power behind it makes it worth that almost $200 dollar price tag. The product of the two available that stuck out for me the most was the Love Pods Halo. 

It has a shape that I have yet to see in a toy. This toy a super smooth silicone finish that feels incredibly soft in your hand. The 3 buds inside the toy do not move and are pretty deep set in so you don’t have to worry about them dislodging or coming loose. And like the Form 2 there is a steel circle under the toy that sits on the charging base for an easier charging experience. 

First things first let’s unlock this puppy, this is where my first issue with Jimmy Janes higher end toys arises. Unlocking these things is hella annoying! If you push any button you’ll see a rectangular flashing light; that means your toy is locked. Hold down the very top button that looks like this ~ and the bottom + buttons until the light turns solid and your toy starts rumbling. This is also how you’ll lock your toy. To turn off hold down the ~ for a couple of seconds and it will turn off. 

What’s super cool about this toy are those buds. You go circle through the setting by pushing the ~ button, there’s a setting that circulates the vibrations and it’s awesome! Jimmy Jane describes it as “Cyclonic Vibrations – Vibrations rotate from motor to motor, which swirl around the clitoris with unparalleled sensation” It’s freaking rad.

Circling through the settings is easy and you can adjust the intensities using the up and down buttons. The round shape is something I was a little apprehensive about because I thought it would be bulky and as long as I used it as a solo toy and wasn’t holding on to my phone to read some lemony fanfiction I was good to go. I loved how it encompassed my clitoris fully so I was having a good time. The intensity is also pretty good, I honestly think what saved this toy is the fact that is has three motors to work with. Had it only had the one I totally feel like it would have been too buzzy and not a deep enough vibe for my liking.  One big drawback is the noise level I’m not saying your roommate will hear it, but you’ll totally think they do. I spoke to one of their reps about this and he looked at me like a was speaking gibberish. “ Oh really, I’ve never heard that. Let me pull mine out and we’ll check it out.” He did and it was rattling away and he acted like nothing like nothing was happening! I legit almost burst out laughing, but ok. 

This toy is great for clitoral stimulation as well as nipple play apart from that I don’t know guys. This toy is marketed as a couples toy as well so maybe you guys can come up with some super fun ways of using this toy and let me know.

Jimmy Jane has a great 1 year limited warranty on this toy, but you have to have proof of purchase. THAT MEANS TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR RECEIPT!!!! Scan it, save it on the cloud put it in a file for your other toy receipts like a totally normal person would.

Another great perk of this toy is that it is water submersible (not be mistaken with waterproof). This means you’re good to go on shower, tub, jacuzzi play all thanks to that metal bit at the bottom of your toy. However I would be misleading if I didn’t tell you about one of my peeves….that charging base. 

In theory this should be awesome however the problems lie in these two prongs in the charger.

When you sit your toy on the charging base you have to make sure you align the buttons with the indent on the base, this causes that rectangular light to turn on which indicates the toy is charging. I noticed that my light kept going out periodically and I would have to adjust the toy to get it to charge again. The worst however happened when one of the prongs got stuck in the base, I literally had to get a pair of tweezers and pop it out. Tooo muchhhh. 

Clean up wasn’t too much fun either, but I don’t see much improvement happening in that department because of the shape of the toy. Once your done with your play it’s clean up time and this toy is going to require that you take your time on it. Those buds and hollowness means that juices get deep in there. This is why I love my foam and mist toy cleaners. For this one I used System  Jo’s refresh foam, I pumped some into the toy rubbed around all the numbs and let it sit for a couple of seconds then rise and viola. 

Some takeaways from this toy.

1. This is a beautiful toy 

2. That circulating motion is amazing

3. Silicone material is a plus

4. Shape is great for comfortable grip

Some downsides

1.Locking and unlocking this toy can get confusing

2. Buzzing sound can be annoying

3.Charger leaves much to be desired

4. Price point is high considering its limited uses 


I probably wouldn’t buy this toy own my own, but nonetheless I’m happy I got to experience it. If Jimmy Jane can move more towards a magnet charger like Fun Factory and bring that price point down I totally believe they’d more attention on a pretty cool toy. 

I’ll see you guys next time with a review on Jimmy Jane’s Love Pods: Coral. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @toynerd_sandra and Instagram at sextoynerdsandra .

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