CalExotics California Dreaming: Venice Vixen Review

Hello beauties, I’m back! Did you miss me? shhhhhhh don’t answer that. Regardless, I hope everyone is having a great summer and in honor of this hot summer I’m reviewing arguably one of my favorite toys from CalExotics hella cute California dreaming line the Venice Vixen. 

Before we dive into all the technical magic let’s just take a moment to talk about this gorgeous color! The market is floooooded with shades of purple and pink so this immediately caught my eye. The Venice Vixen has this show stopping neon yellow color that just pops with the metallic trim. I swoon. What makes this toy even better is the silky silicone material CalExotics uses Body Safe silicone and ABS plastic for your ease of mind. Our Vixen here is waterproof for some tub play and rechargeable. You can find the entrance in a tiny hole in the lower back of the toy. 

First things first make sure you unlock your toy or else you’ll be revved up and ready to go only to be crazy agitated or sad that your brand new toy won’t turn on. All you have to do is hold down that top button until both bottom buttons light up (this should take about five seconds) and Viola! The two bottom buttons are activated and you’re ready to go. Push the bottom button once to turn on and then you play with some combinations of entities The middle button controls the vibration in the shaft of the toy and the bottom button controls the vibration of the clitoral arm. This means if you don’t feel like some vaginal vibration you can always keep that motor off and vice versa. Turning this toy off is a breeze just push that top button once and Boom! Toy off simple as that. 

For me finding a toy that gives enough internal vibration is hard to find which is why I’ve mostly stuck to Fun Factory and my Soraya. But I was soo pleasantly surprised with the rumble of this motor! The shaft has a bulbous tip to it so that the girth really helps to accentuate the vibration. That clitoral vibe is also phenomenal! This vibe’s shape reminds of a flame and it envelopes that cliroris in the best way instead of it just hammering at the tip those clitoral legs get some vibration love too. I can best describe it as a surround sound experience. 

As per Calexotics website: “ Our warranty policy is as follows: 1-year warranty: applies to California Dreaming, Embrace, Impulse, Inspire with LBBC, Jack Rabbit Signature, Luxe, Mini Marvels, Red Hots, Silhouette, Vivid Raw and ALL JOPEN brand products.” Make sure you keep your receipts loves! Take a picture of it, scan it and keep it in a file on your computer like a very normal person would.

The one thing I would say that isn’t my favorite about a great overall toy is that charger! I know this isn’t just a CalExotics thing either, but that pesky little stick of a charger is the worst. I would love it if they could start switching over their higher end toys to magnet charge it would make a world of difference. Customers would also be less likely to break their chargers and their toys thus resulting in less warranty claims. 

For this toy I used System JO’s AGAPE lubricant and Crazy Girl’s clitoral gel in Minty Bombshell lastly cleaning it all up with Intimate Earths awesome tree tea oil infused toy cleaner. 

But overall great toy CalEx  I’ve got one other California Dreaming toy to try out and review so you all next time !



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