Sex Toy Review: Fun Factory Volta

Hello beauties! Today I want to talk to you about a brand new (for me) favorite The Fun Factory Volta.

I first saw this baby on Fun Factory’s fabulously curated Instagram and I was hella giddy my hands on it. The Volta is unlike any other Fun Factory that came before it with it’s vibrating petals it’s an amazing clitoal massager that can also be used to stimulate the perineum.

First off for the technical bits

  1. Medical grade silicone on the body and ABS plastic on the handle.
  2. Magnet charged (perfectly safe for shower, tub even jacuzzi fun).
  3. Easy off and on button with plus and minus for varied intensities.
  4. Whisper quiet (Seriously this thing is SILENT so the only you have to worry about being loud is YOU lol).
  5. Your toy will come travel locked just push the Fun and + at the same time until lights flash and you’re good to go. If you want to lock just press Fun and – super simple.

But you know I had to explore a little more with this toy. When I spoke to a sales rep she pretty much was like this is an external toy only, but where’s the fun in that? Boy am I happy that I’m a defiant little turd because for me this was like a bomb G spot toy. That flicker is a super different sensation. Like getting fingered by someone who knows what they’re doing and not just shoving their fingers in you. There truthfully isn’t much girth so if that’s your game might I suggest they’re Big Boss and leave the Volta for all your external pleasures.

Overall I wasn’t expecting anything less, they take a really hands on approach to crafting there stuff and are super easy to work with if anything goes wrong. Remember to use your favorite water based lubricant; this time around I went with Intimate Earth’s Defense it’s a fabulous Tea Tree oil infused lube perfect if your lady parts are on the sensitive side like mine. I also went on the minty side with Crazy Girl’s Cherry Bomb clitoral arousal gel in Minty Bombshell, this stuff is soooo yummy and tingly.

Another winner for the Fun Factory keep em coming 😉

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