First Time Experience at AVN

2018 didn’t exactly end on a high note for me. Luckily a wonderful opportunity was right around the corner for. I got a call from a close friend in early January and asked if I would be interested in helping her friend as a volunteer working her booth at AVN EXPO in Vegas. At first I was super hesitant because I had never been to AVN before, I had no idea what to expect, but I was sooo done being depressed. I was looking and looking and looking for work and I was done being trapped in my head thinking about my best friends and former colleagues having a blast during the holiday season, all the toys I was never going to be able to afford anymore ect ect ect. So I decided to hell with the moping, I mean who turns down a free trip to Vegas am I right? Her friends who live close to the Strip were lovely enough to house us for the week and I had saved some money from an unemployment check so I was ready to go.

The 2019 AVN EXPO show took place Jan. 24-27 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, it showcased performers, services, and adult products. That’s the part that I was the most excited about. I had a great love for the toy industry so to be able to be in the heart of it with the Vendors (which is my dream job) it was something that I was looking forward to immensely.

The whole experience reminded me soo much of my first days working at my old store. I was all nervous and excited at the same time. I met everyone that was going to be helping her friend out, some of these people were apparently really popular and important in the kink community in Vegas. Some key figures in the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas were in attendance and they couldn’t have been sweeter people. It was all super overwhelming, but what kicked it into overdrive was unpacking and organizing all of her merchandise for the first day of the show. I hadn’t opened up boxes of merchandise or used my visual merchandising skills in 3 months and it made me feel some kind of way.

By the end of the day everything was ready to go and I was ready to sell. Unfortunately for me that was pretty much the last thing I got to do that week. When I said that there were a lot of people- I mean that there were around six people crammed in a booth that was about 16 feet wide with five 4-6 feet long tables crammed in it. That wasn’t even including customers. So after answering a couple questions I took my curious ass exploring.

It was like coming back to myself. I know it sounds overdramatic, but for the first time in what had felt like an eternity I was…..happy. I met vendors from companies that I loved like Sensuva and Pjur. I talked to EVERYONE, got business cards from EVERYONE. I felt kind of bad because I did not want to go back to the booth. This is what I came for and they honestly did not need me so I kept on going, I met up with some reps form companies that I had never heard from and whose gadgets I’m super excited about exploring.

One of the things you have to understand is that this convention is taking place during regular business hours for a casino that is super popular on the strip. There were soo many reporters it was insane. The first room that you walk into is more like a hallway and that’s where the sponsors for the entire event were. Myfreecam sponsored and had a huge presence everywhere, they had a ton of different cam girls and people in the industry that were doing cams on the spot in; real time. Music playing with a ton of adult entertainment celebrities taking pictures with people. In retrospect it must have been a fire code nightmare because my friend barreled through the crowd to get out, she just couldn’t handle it with how many people were shoved together.

When you walked into the first convention hall it was all these different adult video companies so Hustler had a stand, Redtube, myporn just a ton of different companies. What was great was that even in the convention hall with all the porn there were soo many couples that were there, lots of lots of different abled people like it was wonderful. There was this energy that was radiating through the whole place. What made it even better were all the different styles of entertainment that were available. There was trans porn, plus-size adult actresses, gay porn, senior porn. There were just soo many different varieties of entertainment for people that was just so wonderful to see. Especially because you have this idea that the porn industry is so centered around one particular kind of porn and while the majority of it is it’s also nice to see things changing with the times. So while I wasn’t particularly there for adult entertainment aspect of it it was still a lot of fun to experience plus I got a shot glass, a T-shirt, lighter and a ton of other goodies.

I really enjoyed walking around really taking in atmosphere and then it was on to the next. From the moment I found out I’d be coming to this thing it was all about the lube and toys. Now getting out of this place was an activity within itself because it’s a huge space and there were hundreds of people so you’re having a serpentine in between people, lights, booths it was a lot. But I was able to get out and into the next Hall which was sponsored by The Satisfyer. Being trained in retail I fell in love with The Womanizer and if we’re being honest I was 100% not a fan of the original and just didn’t understand the need for such a high price tag. So I was excited to see what The Satisfyer was all about because I had seen all of these reviews on it and it was either going to be a game changer or it could really just be a piece of crap. I was practically bouncing my way over to their giant booth, I went over with this massive smile on my face to the sales rep I’m soo sad I didn’t get her name because she was so wonderful so personable. It was super cool to play around with the whole line up. The toys are 100% medical grade silicone, rechargeable, good warranty, super quiet. The price is a quarter of what a womanizer will cost. This company is definitely on my bucket list for sex toys to get my hands on. I got some literature from them and I’m always excited when I can get my hands on some literature cuz I love learning, I got a business card and I went on to the next.

Some of the brands that I was the most excited to see were Wicked, System Jo, Calexotics, pipedream it’s always cool to see brands that I’m like really familiar with and that I had a lot of fun selling. I will say that I was super bummed that System Jo, Fun Factory, Lelo especially Intimate Earth weren’t there. I was just soo bummed because I was pumped. I was a ready to network myself as it’s always been a dream of mine especially the last couple of years after immersing myself in the industry it’s such a dream to be a rep for them to work anywhere within their companies so I was super bummed that I didn’t get to see what they had to offer.

However I did get to meet some really cool people, I got to see some toys that I have been fangirling over for example the Njoy that stainless steel the weights the coolness it was fantastic especially since I’m such a huge fan of glass toys getting to play with their Stainless Steel toys it’s definitely something that if I were financially able to I would add to my collection like now.

I got to see some companies that I’m not a huge fan of but I’ve sold a ton of for example Evolved was there and I have a love-hate relationship with Evolved I think that they’ve really gotten a lot better in the last year or so but I just wish that they increase the quality of the materials definitely those chargers are just not good in general with the rechargeable ones they’re getting deeper but they still have that surfaced buzziness so that was a disappointment, but I got to see their sales rep who still does work with my old company and who I saw a ton of while I was working that was nice. I got to talk to a rep from Adam and Eve who are obviously heavy hitter in the industry so that was a lot of fun. Overall I wanted to take this opportunity and really network myself to really talk to people but for me the highlight of the day was definitely getting to talk to The Marvelous sales rep from Clandestine Devices who does the Mimic Pro.

This toy has been on my list for over a year now I think their Instagram is curated in the most amazing way I love their social media presence. I love the design of the toy looks almost like a little manta ray and getting to see the toy up close and personal, getting to feel the material especially in the mimic Plus it was phenomenal I love the Deep Rumble I love the weight behind it I had a blast.

I think that overall it was exactly what I needed to start my year. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m in the best place mentally I think that when you go through a really sad and traumatic experience it’s good to take some time and do some self-care and for me this was a very daunting experience at the beginning because it was stepping back into a world that I came to love very deeply after having been forcefully ripped away from it.

It helped that I was with one of my best friends in the entire world. It’s because of her and the faith that she had in me, the patients that she had to teach me and believe in me and help me become confident of this world that I was able to really fall in love with it. I’m so happy that I was able to go with her because she is a cheerleader of me and she always looks out for me and I can’t thank her enough I just love her to pieces . We went to the Erotic history museum which I might do a post on as well.

Would I go back? Absolutely I would go back next year 100% And if given the opportunity I would go to another adultcon as well. I was so happy I am still so happy about having gone and I have a ton of business card and I bought a new toy which I will be reviewing soon by a company that I just discovered. This toy is super cool so there’s definitely that to look forward to. Overall a few things that I took away from this whole experience are .

  1. The people that came to this convention were way more diverse than I thought and that made me really happy. Soo many young people, soo many older people, people across the Spectrum it was a lot of fun to see .
  2. I thought they were going to be a lot more deals and that was super sucky that there weren’t ,but I did get soo much free swag I loved it .I got some mini penises from Bad Dragon their goodie bag had some ONE condoms, some hand sanitizer to make things nice and clean among other things. I got a pair of flashing bunny ears from those guys were freaking rad they had everybody in bunny ears their Booth was super hyped up and their girls were awesome so good job on them. Thank you to IWC for the free tank you rock and biggest THANKS definitely goes to Jordan Rawlins and FC Brandt who wrote E is for erotica and they had this guy in a wizard costume soooo fun.
  3. I’m just really thankful for the experience I had a lot of fun I can’t wait to go back definitely planning for a girls trip because I got to do some really awesome outdoor activities. We went to the Downtown Container park which had this huge Mantis which shot fire out of its antennas.

I saw so much had myself one of those giant comical Margaritas it was just a blasty blast I can’t wait to go again I’m going to stop rambling now but definitely keep checking out the page thank you so much to everybody for sticking through my rambles. I should and I will see you guys with a new toy review and possibly my first YouTube video!!!!!

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