Toy Review: Soraya by LELO

Hello ladies and gents! nice to be with you all , I hope everybody had a wonderful New Year, now that I’ve shaken off the funk from all of the drama of 2018 I’m ready to get back to it. So today I will be reviewing one of my absolute favorite toys; the Soraya by Lelo. Ooo there’s soo much I can say about this lovely piece of sexual engineering.


Lelo really knows how to make your purchase feel like a gift to yourself. Right from the beginning your toy comes in a beautiful either black or white matte box. It is soo wonderfully discreet, perfect for if you’re one of those people who lives with family or you don’t want people sneaking around your stuff. Inside of your box you’ll find a little card; this is your warranty card. (Lelo has a 1 year warranty all you have to do is going to and they have a really wonderful link that says “register your toy” or “register your product” they also have a picture guide for your toys so if you don’t remember what your toys called you have that useful tool. ) I have had my Soraya for almost three years now and have had zero problems, but knowing that the warranty is there still gives me that extra piece of mind. And after the year warranty is up you have a full 10 years to receive 50% off a replacement. So while LELo might be on the pricey end  it really is an investment worth making.

The Soraya is a rechargeable dual vibrator with a wonderful looped handle that gives you the ability to really stimulate the G spot even when the motor isn’t on. The rechargeable features means you can have all the fun in the tub or shower without fear of messing up your motor (another advantage of that warranty). What I really love about this toy are the two independent motors that allow you to change the vibrations in both the shaft and in the clitoral portion of the toy which means I can have a deep Rumble for vaginal with a very light vibration in the clitoral part or I can turn off either motor.  It’s freaking great because for me too much clitoral stimulation too quickly and Boom! I’m done and it’s off to bed.


Another huge plus is how insanely quiet this toy is. I mean you can have the strongest vibration going and it’s still pretty silent. I believe it’s worth repeating about the intensity of those vibrations. You have a plus and different settings for each motor some more intense than others and if you continue to scroll through the vibes you’ll also get that motor to turn off. This is definitely a toy for those who want some horsepower behind their toys.  I would compare the intensity to that of We-Vibe’s Tango bullet.

The Soraya like all of Lelo’s toys are on the rigid sde, you have a bit of flexibility in the clitoral part, but the curved shaft has no give. At first it might take some getting used to ,but that rigidness is rad. It’s also on the slimmer side so it’s ideal if you’re not looking for a monster vibe, but you still want monster power ;).

Now no toy is without its faults and although I love this toy very much it does have a couple.

  1. There is a spacing between the silicone and the metal in the body of the toy that gathers bacteria from your body juices. You have to be super careful when you clean it. I cover my toy in foam toy cleaner and rub it into the material like I’m giving it a handjob making sure to scrub into that spacing.
  2. The silver coating will start to flake with time. I wish they did more a real metal like DORR toys. It does add a little bit of weight, but it’s worth it and it would justify the price a bit more.
  3. LELO’s warranty is a little bit of a hassle to deal with. You must register your toy through the company which isn’t the issue at all. However LELO will also ask for proof of purchase and will ask for the toy in return which entails the cost of returning said toy.  I suggest taking a picture of your receipt the day you purchase so that you don’t have to keep the physical copy.

All in all I would still 100% recommend this toy. It’s got such a beautiful sleek design and would make a wonderful addition to any collection or a perfect way to dive into the world of sex toys. Pick your favorite water based lubricant I recommend System JO’s AGAPE in cooling or Pjur Med Natural Glide Personal Lubricant and have fun. At the end of the day it’s all about exploring yourself and finding what makes you feel amazing.

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